Trading and manufacturing all kinds of seals

Trading and manufacturing all kinds of seals

Pezhvak Sanat Partak Tav Company with the exclusive sales agent of the Italian company PINPSEALS in the field of engineering and sales of raw materials and products listed in the relevant catalog to provide hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical seals in power plants, steel, mining equipment, Provides oil, gas and petrochemical services.

Exclusive representative of PINPSEALS company in the field of industrial seals

Providing seals and seal kits for hydraulic equipment and pumps and valves in the steel, mining, power plant, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Supply of seals and bearings in the equipment of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, including:

Types of centrifugal pumps and pistons

Types of the wing, gate, and butterfly valves

Types of high and medium speed compressors in light and semi-heavy class

Trading and supplying all kinds of rolling and sliding bearings

Supply and trade of various industrial bearings from European and Asian brands.

Providing instrumentation required in industrial equipment

Supply and trade of all kinds of instrumentation equipment in petrochemical, oil, gas, and power plant industries.

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