Introduction of a company


Pezhvak Sanat Partak Tav Technical Engineering Company is proud of relying on the experience and knowledge of its senior managers since 2001 and using the best engineers and specialists in this field of design, reverse engineering, and preparation of technical engineering documents in the field of mechanics, hydraulics And Metallurgy, to perform various analyzes and processes of mechanical, dynamic and vibrational simulations, along with the supply and manufacture of various spare parts and machines for production lines in the country’s industries in the form of EPC projects.

The company has the necessary reverse engineering hardware including a 3D imaging camera, precision measuring equipment, computer hardware, and software for design, analysis, and engineering rendering, all the processes of preparing applied technical manuals with the latest method Provides up-to-date and up-to-date world standards for industrial parts and machinery.

Pezhvak Sanat Partak Tav Company also has sales representatives from reputable European and Asian companies, supplying spare parts and special equipment required by industries in the form of E, EP, EPC, EPCE projects in steel, mining, power plant, oil industries, Gas, and petrochemical.

The company, while performing basic, conceptual design processes, plan design, preparation of technical and financial proposals, can perform reverse engineering, optimize the design and eliminate technical defects in parts, equipment, and industrial machinery using modern world standards. Management of engineering projects.

Echoing the experience and expertise of its founders in designing, manufacturing, inspecting, installing, and commissioning spare parts and machinery for various industries, including steel, mines, oil, gas, and petrochemicals, Partak Tav Industry Echo Group, Announces the construction and management of small and large projects.

It should be mentioned that Pezhvak Sanat Partak Tav Company has the exclusive privilege of selling the Italian company PINPSEALS in the field of engineering and sales of raw materials and products in the relevant catalog to provide hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical seals in the power plant industry equipment. , Serves steel, mines, oil, gas, and petrochemicals.

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