Project management and consulting

Project management and consulting

Echoing the experience and expertise of its founders in designing, manufacturing, inspecting, installing, and commissioning spare parts and machinery for various industries, including steel, mines, oil, gas, and petrochemicals, Partak Tav Industry Echo Group, Announces the construction and management of small and large projects.

Managing large and small projects

Managing referral projects from the employer from zero to one hundred in small and large projects.

Design and implementation consulting in the fields of:

  • Manufacture of spare parts
  • Manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment (consultant in optimizing boiler equipment, reactors, coolers, distillation towers, evaporators, piping, and static and rotary equipment)
  • Assembly of industrial complexes
  • Design of production lines (providing engineering consulting services in the specialized field of improving the performance of parts, equipment, and machinery of production lines by performing three-dimensional manufacturing processes, static, dynamic, functional, and flow analysis)
  • Design of plans and layouts of industrial factories

Carrying out research and study projects:

Provide basic and supplementary engineering study reports on projects related to equipment, machinery, and industrial lines.

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