About us


Pezhvak Sanat Partak Tav Technical Engineering Company is proud of relying on the experience and knowledge of its senior managers since 2001 and using the best engineers and specialists in this field of design, reverse engineering, and preparation of technical engineering documents in the field of mechanics, hydraulics And Metallurgy, to perform various analyzes and processes of mechanical, dynamic and vibrational simulations, along with the supply and manufacture of various spare parts and machines for production lines in the country’s industries in the form of EPC projects.


This company intends to make our dear Iran self-sufficient in this field by localizing the knowledge and technology of manufacturing raw materials for various types of mechanical, hydraulic, and mechanical seals in large sizes.


Number of doctoral staff                                  2 people

Number of master staff                                    2 people

Number of expert staff                                     5 people

Number of administrative staff                          2 people

Number of operator force                                 6 people

Number of technical staff                                   2 people


This company, in line with the views of its senior managers and having a view on modern knowledge and management in the world, has integrated management system certificates IMS certificates / ISO45001: 2018 / ISO14001: 2015 / ISO9001: 2015 with EIQM issuance reference of Iran and Canada.

Awards And Honors

Echo of Partak Tav Industry with a statue of top managers, a letter of thanks for organizational excellence with a technical engineering team with top honors in the field of design, and gaining a position in the field of top robotics competitions in the country hopes to grow and prosper in the work path.



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