The world of industry and technology has put a challenging space in front of our path that the use of modern technology, technical knowledge, and effective experience is the solution to the problems and difficulties of this space. Relying on modern management science in line with the surrounding conditions and crises is also a purposeful and useful tool in this field. The PEZHVAK SANAT PARTAK Tav Company, relying on the experience of its founder since 2001 in the field of design and management of industrial projects at the micro and macro levels and relying on divine power and help with all its might to prepare for a variety of up-to-date industrial projects By holding experienced and specialized personnel in any field, they maintain their belief and practice in providing up-to-date and specialized services to their customers and employers.

Exclusive representation of pinpseals company

Hydraulic seal

Pneumatic seal

Flood Kit Equipment

Rolling bearings

Project Management and Execution (E, EP, EPC)



production lines

(Mines, steel, oil, gas, petrochemical)

Engineering analysis and analysis

Reverse Engineering

Cloud points

Preparation of executive plans

Material technology

Knowledge-based Projects

Ongoing Projects0%
Completed Projects0%
Knowledge-based Projects0%
Total number of Projects0%

Project Management Services and Project Consulting Engineering

Performing all kinds of machining services in light and heavy class

Manufacture of industrial equipment and machinery

Supply of special raw materials with various mechanical and metallurgical engineering methods in the field of steel and non-ferrous metals

Some of our customers

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